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For Tim Case, owner of Archery Encounters, the goal is to introduce as many people to the sport of archery as possible and that means taking it to every community he can. It’s working so we should all be helping Tim spread the word.

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Archery- Humankind’s First App

In archery we have our oldest mechanical system, which is also a mobile device, powered by us and our input. The shot process is the algorithm and our mind is the computer which takes what we programmed, runs it through the process and then gives us the feedback almost immediately.

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Heroes, Celebrity and Personality

With the exception of Ted Nugent, Tim Abell, Joe Mantegna and the Robinson family there, really, are no celebrities in the outdoors world. The people we know and love are personalities, people well known within their field, but not outside their field.

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Archery Coach of the Year

There are very few people who make the claim that they cross genres and demographics in the archery world, even fewer still that have verifiable results. Patricia Gonsalves is one of those people.

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Embrace the Diversity

Archery is a sport that offers something for everyone and we all know or should know, just putting a bow in a newbie’s hand is the most rewarding thing you can do. It helps them, grows the sport and helps at every level.

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The Glory of Archery

What is it about archery that kings would pass laws demanding that all boys have a bow and arrow or pass laws banning other sports to facilitate more time to practice archery?

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Welcome to Hollywood – Part 3

Tim Case has worked tirelessly to help those in Hollywood embrace archery and spread the word about our sport. Thank you Hollywood and thank you Tim for all you have done. Archery is growing in a large part due to Hollywood.

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