Author: Tim Kent

SCOTT Releases Unleashes the Echo

The focal point of the Echo is the new Hyper Jaw™ technology, resulting in a never-before-seen release head configuration. The independent jaws operate in perfect synchronization with one another, removing any lateral torque produced by inconsistencies in shooting form.

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New Standard In Shootability: The 2017 ELITE Option Series™

ELITE Archery has built upon the belief that your bow should feel as great as it looks-without sacrificing any performance. The result is the Option Series™, built around the basic principle that your bow must always perform as well as you do, especially under less than ideal conditions.

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No Matter the Game, the ELITE IMPULSE 34 Excels

As one of ELITE’s “next-generation” bows, the Impulse 34 is one of few models that can literally do it all, from top-level competition or a trusted companion on the hunt of a lifetime,the Impulse 34 stands rock-solid and ready, delivering steady, flat-shooting accuracy at speeds up to 340 fps.

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