Author: Tim Wells

Tim Wells Monster Bucks Up

Tim Wells is bowhunting for Illinois Monster whitetail bucks and a monster buck finally walks by his ground blind. This short video shows you some monster Illinois free range bucks and some arrows flyin their way!!

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Tim Wells: The Girl’s Dream Buck!

She’s chasing her dream of arrowing a big whitetail buck named ‘Big Louie.’ She’s had years of frustration and time waiting for that one chance to release an arrow! And at the season’s end, out he steps. And this time she releases an arrow.

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Tim Wells Bowhunts Ibex In Spain

Follow bowhunter Timm Wells across the grueling, rugged cliffs in Eastern Spain as Tim pursues the elusive Spanish Ibex. Endless hours of hunting the Spanish Ibex all came down to a skillful stalk and a well placed shot on a big “SKY WALKER” bull Ibex.

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Brush Ground Blind + Decoy = Big Buck

Tim Wells videos as Kerrie Wells bowhunts from a blind she made in the long grass. She’s waiting for a big buck to ambush her decoy!! Look at decoying whitetails with tips to be successful. This is an over the shoulder Lumenok lightning bolt to the lungs. Big bucks can wreck your nerves but Kerrie comes through.

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