Author: Toby Bridges

Which Organizations Should We Support?

If there’s one thing that outdoors men and outdoors women have learned from being forced to live with wolves, it’s that the citizens of the United States sure cannot put much trust in what advocacy groups or organizations call themselves these days. Most who enjoy an outdoor lifestyle have grown up with organizations like the National Rifle Association, Ducks Unlimited, and the National Wild Turkey Federation – names that clearly say what these organizations are pretty much all about. These and a number of other sportsman-based organizations have been there to represent sportsmen issues, threats against hunting and fishing, or the rights of U.S. firearm owners. Quite a few are “roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty” conservation organizations which have done much to preserve and expand wildlife and fisheries habitat in this country.

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The Reality of Wolves Sinks In

Public tolerance for the growing number of wolf packs and the overall wolf population is now diminishing quickly in the Northern Rocky Mountain states of Idaho, Montana and Wyoming, and likewise in the Upper Midwest states of Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan. Residents of these states, especially in the local areas where wolves have been allowed to increase in numbers and range are now beginning to see an entirely different behavioral trend than predicted by state and federal wildlife agencies, and from environmental and animal rights groups. They are also now seeing far greater damage being done to other wildlife populations and greater threats to human safety than wolf experts once claimed would happen.

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Too Many Chefs Ruined the Wolf Stew

If it looks like garbage…smells like garbage…and leaves a nasty taste in your mouth like garbage – then it must be garbage. And that pretty much describes the “Wolf Stew” also known as the Northern Rockies Wolf Recovery Project.

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The Reality of Living With Wolves

Recent studies on Yellowstone elk and wolves have found that weather and hunter harvest affect elk declines more than wolf predation. In fact, wolves often enhance prey populations by culling weak and sick animals from the gene pool, leaving only the strongest animals to reproduce.

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