Author: Wade Nolan

Soap and the Coconut 

For scent suppression the answer is to remove loose, smelly skin cells that carry human specific bacteria and smell like a human…you. Deer detect these like a bloodhound and avoid you.

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Coconut and Soap

“We know that a bloodhound can smell and ID a 7-day old finger print and that whitetails are likely just as awesome sniffers. That means we must have a plan if we are bent on destroying a buck’s ability to discover us in the whitetail woods.

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Epizoic Hemorrhagic Disease, EHD

Epizoic Hemorrhagic Disease is an animal living on the outside of a living animal, in this case a tiny no-see-um. This deer disease is caused by a tiny parasitic fly and causes hemorrhaging.

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Tiny Plot

Don’t have a lot of land to put a food plot in for deer? No problem. Wade Nolan shows you how you can put in a productive plot on a small bit of land.  How’s a sixth of an acre sound?

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Contrary to common belief, most of the bucks growing up on your whitetail property are not locals. New GPS studies are revealing that these new guys on the block have moved in from far away.

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