Author: Wade Nolan

Risky Behavior

Life in Alaska can be deadly. Especially flying with a pilot who flies in the rugged mountain terrain with the nickname ‘Crash’. And then there is hypothermia, the sneaky killer that is preventable if you know how.

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Be Done with Wet  

Wet and cold are killers. But, there is a way you can make your clothing repel water like a duck, breath and keep you dry. If you want to stay dry, Wade Nolan has some great products you will want to use.

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Performance Fabric Challenge

Did you know that washing your High Performance Hunting Clothing in standard laundry soaps and detergents is destroying all the advantages these modern fabrics are designed for? To maximize this new science, read this.

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Wild Hogs: The Real Truth

Then in an instant it happens, in the darkness, a few short yards in front of me something moves.  I hear him feeding. It is a boar, a big Russian and he is only 18 yards away as my heart kicks into overdrive. 

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Blind Evolution

So many bowhunters have traded in their treestands for ground blinds. Wade Nolan is no exception and here are some reasons why.

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