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Stalking BBQ With Candice Nolan

Candice Nolan takes us along on her video bowhunt for a wild hog in Florida. This is her favorite animal to hunt … and then BBQ! The perfect shot placement can be tricky if you don’t know the hogs anatomy, so Candice shows us a graphic on where to make the perfect arrow shot.

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Wild Hog Face Off

O MY GOSH, here came another group of hogs and they were on a direct path to where my wife Cathy was standing.  Not good.  The hogs ran within 6 yards of Cathy and stopped. She stood like a statue as the group looked at her, grunting, and a spotted boar began popping its teeth together.

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Wild Hogs: The Real Truth

Then in an instant it happens, in the darkness, a few short yards in front of me something moves.  I hear him feeding. It is a boar, a big Russian and he is only 18 yards away as my heart kicks into overdrive. 

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