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The Correct Way To Butcher A Wild Hog

Everybody knows how delicious pork chops, bacon and ham are. But how do you make certain you butcher your wild hog so you get the right results; tasty pork chops, pork loin, bacon and ham. Click on Reed Nolan’s video and learn the correct way to skin and butcher a wild hog.

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How To Corner A Buck

Find and use existing corners in your deer hunting area where deer move regularly. Then set up there so your chances for success are significantly improved.

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Where Do The Early Season Bucks Go?

Ever wonder where all of the bucks go, right at the time that you are beginning your bowhunting season? This video explains what happens and why there is a yearly shift in buck movement and behavior soon after the bucks shed their velvet.

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Deer Myths Exposed

Here are 5 myths about deer behavior every hunter has heard and thousands of deerhunters believe to be true. Jeff Sturgis takes 5 of the most well known widely accepted behaviors that are what’s known today as, disinformation.

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July 16 – Video: Fawns On The Move

At birth Fawns lay low and are rarely seen. Their doe mothers are usually nearby. They depend on their mother’s milk for for nutrition.
They soon learn the area around them and begin browsing on the available plants.
How well do they do?
Check out this video that I took with my iPhone this morning and find out.
Whitetail Deer videos by Robert Hoague

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The World Record Typical Buck Is…

In 1993 the highest scoring B&C buck was taken by Milo Hanson in Saskatchewan. This huge 12-point buck scored 213 5/8 in 1993, and still sits at the top the Boone and Crockett Club’s record books as the largest typical whitetail in the world.

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