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Deer Scouting: Big Buck Of The Future

It is an absolute pleasure to see them. Young bucks that are special in some way, compared to their peers. They’re the ones that have wider antlers, or have more than 8 points, have longer tines than the others, or their antlers are noticeably heftier than the others. Or weigh a bit more and have longer bodies.

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Deer Scouting 2020: The Kickoff

One of my favorite things to do is deer scouting. And between before, after and during season, my favorite time for it is after the deer season ends. Because, where I live, most of the bucks don’t drop their antlers until March, there is time to get after the post season scouting — and actually learn important things about my hunting area.

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What’s The Point

Back at the Point area four days later I see one of the first bucks to shed its velvet. He came from the south and jumped the fence at a long time buck crossing 35 yards from my blind.

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2019: Finding This Year’s Bucks

This is an area that I’ve bowhunted since 1984. There are three intersecting fence lines here that meet at the only internal road, an old and very rugged two-track that runs east to west through 700 acres of the 1,000 acre property.

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Robert Hoague Deer Pics: June 12

The first deer, a doe, showed up a few minutes before first picture light. She walked to my area and then browsed selectively on the variety of natural greenery that grows in this out of the way area in the spring

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