Making Antlers Like New Again

We got the decades old, disheveled moose mount into my house, but only as far as the front hallway because it wouldn’t fit through any of doors to the inside of the house. Then we discussed at length what to do with the soiled and extremely dusty, 80 year old trophy.

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Iowa Bowhunt Goes Big

Full draw on a big Iowa buck for 1 minute 10 seconds!!! Great job, the whole video was superb. Watching you let other bucks walk was tough, and you said it was hard for you too. But your patience paid off big.

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The Correct Way To Butcher A Wild Hog

Everybody knows how delicious pork chops, bacon and ham are. But how do you make certain you butcher your wild hog so you get the right results; tasty pork chops, pork loin, bacon and ham. Click on Reed Nolan’s video and learn the correct way to skin and butcher a wild hog.

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