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2022 Bucks

Above is an 8-point Buck that this year was either, on or very close to, the deer funnel strip of land where my home is located. This is  on September 18 and he has just shed his velvet. The dark red color on his right antler is dried blood.

Below is the same 8-Point Buck in velvet on September 1, 2022. We nicknamed him the ‘Wide 8’ Buck.


2022 Deer Situation (Report on September 30)

This year, 2022, was very hot and dry and the weather news reported that we were under drought conditions; Very little rainfall and more strong winds than usual was almost a daily situation.

North, through the dense woods and downhill, a once vibrant river borders the property where my friends and I bowhunt 1,000  acres for Deer, Wild Turkeys and feral Wild Hogs. The drought was particularly tough on our deer population.

Instead of the norm being that deer moved mainly during early morning and late in the afternoon, they began moving regularly during the day as well. Everything that deer browsed was dried out by overexposure to the hot sun. It became commonplace to see deer with their ribs showing.

Another issue was Water. The river stopped running and the river’s bottom and sides became dry and rock hard. I used large plastic and metal containers and filled them with water and then refilled them daily. Deer actually came and drank during the day as well as at night. And I refilled them almost daily for months. I took this picture at point blank range with my iPhone.

Below is another 8-Point Buck. He has a heavier body than the Wide 8 Buck. His rack is wider and bigger around too. I took this picture with my Minolta camera from a pop up ground blind.


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